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Denork to St Andrews

Three milestones on the road from Pitscottie through Craigtoun to St Andrews were visited on Sunday 16 November 2014, in the course of a walk from Guardbridge to St Andrews via Strathkinness and Craigtoun. It was a day of milky sunshine, always threatening to become more overcast. An account of the walk can be seen here. (PDF file)

The first milestone on this route, at Newbigging of Blebo, is listed as missing in the Gazetteer in The Milestones of Fife, so the sequence starts at Denork.


The Gazetteer records that when the survey was taken the cap was missing, but it has since been replaced. The side of the cap facing you as you approach shows where you have come from, rather than where you are going towards.

Denork milestone Denork milestone
milestone Denork milestone
Denork milestone

The mileages shown (3 miles to St Andrews, 4¾ to Ceres) don't seem quite right. Denork must be about half a mile from the crossroads, where the modern road-sign says it's three miles to St Andrews. The junction with the main St Andrews to Ceres road is less than two miles away, and the milestone there shows only 1¾ miles to Ceres.

Approaching the Peat Inn Road
Approaching the Peat Inn road

Crossroads Crossroads
Crossroads, three miles from St Andrews


The next milestone is close to the second entrance to Craigtoun Park Craigtoun. It proved to be a long mile from Denork.

Between the crossroads and Craigtoun Between the crossroads and Craigtoun
Signposts between the crossroads and the milestone at Craigtoun

Craigtoun milestone Craigtoun milestone
Craigtoun milestone Craigtoun milestone
Craigtoun milestone Craigtoun milestone

Opposite the Craigtoun milestone
The muddy field opposite the Craigtoun milestone

Hepburn Gardens

Bogward roundabout
New houses, new street-name and new roundabout at the end of Bogward Road

Bogward letter-box
Letter box on Bogward Road

Milestone on Hepburn Gardens Milestone on Hepburn Gardens Milestone on Hepburn Gardens
Milestone on Hepburn Gardens