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Milestones on the way from Cupar to Ceres via Craigrothie

My walk followed a section of the road from Newport to New Inn and Pettycur for a little way, and then turned off onto the road to Kennoway and Burntisland. At Craigrothie I turned down onto the St Andrews road. It was a showery Saturday morning, 30 June 2012, the day of the Ceres Highland Games.
Here is an account of the walk. (PDF file)

The second stone out of Cupar was hidden when I passed it in June, so I returned to photograph it on 9 February 2013.

The first mile from Cupar

DMM Crichton Outside Tesco
Over the railway and out of Cupar past the Crichton statue and Tesco.

David Maitland Makgill Crichton was a local landowner and leading lay member of the Free Church. He was photographed by Hill and Adamson. See the National Portrait Gallery, London. A brief memoir appears in Disruption Worthies, a Memorial of 1843 (Edinburgh 1876) pp69-76.

First milestone from Cupar First milestone from Cupar
First milestone from Cupar
The first stone is set on a garden wall. It is of the 1824 type used for the road from Newport.
See the pictures from the Dairsie to Forgan walk.

Signpost to A916
Pettycur and New Inn, Kennoway and Burntisland, none of the names on the milestones are mentioned on the modern sign.

The second mile

Cupar signpost Turning to Craigrothie and Leven
Looking back to the Cupar burgh arms and forward to the clutter of directions at the A916 turn off.

The missing milestone
I failed to spot the two-mile stone, the bank being very overgrown.

When the grass and bushes on the bank were cut back for the winter, the milestone emerged from hiding. I returned to photograph it on a drizzly February morning (Saturday 9 February 2013).

The second milestone The second milestone
The approach to the two-mile stone, walking downhill towards Cupar.

The second milestone The second milestone The second milestone

View from the second milestone
Looking down to where the Leven Road leaves the Cupar-Kirkcaldy road.

3 Miles from Cupar

Riders from the Barbarafield Riding 
School Milestone at Barbarafield
The third milestone from Cupar is at Barbarafield, just before Craigrothie.

Three miles from Cupar Three miles from Cupar Three miles from Cupar
Note the distances shown in sevenths of a mile.

Going down towards Craigrothie Post box in Craigrothie
The road goes down into Craigrothie and through the village to the turning to Ceres.

Outside Craigrothie on the road to Ceres (B939)

Almost hidden milestone outside Craigrothie First milestone outside Craigrothie
The first milestone between Craigrothie and Ceres is almost hidden by the long grass.

Just outside Craigrothie Just outside Craigrothie Just outside Craigrothie
It is also damaged with most of the cap missing. It should give 9 miles to St Andrews, 1¼ to Ceres, 15 to Kirkcaldy, 21 to Burntisland, and 6½ to Kennoway.

Looking back towards Craigrothie
Looking back from the milestone towards Craigrothie.

Just before Ceres

This milestone was also the end-point of the walk from St Andrews to Ceres

Approaching Ceres from the West
Approaching the milestone just to the west of Ceres. The charabanc and cars are signs that the Highland games are in full swing.

Milestone just to the west of Ceres Milestone just to the west of Ceres Milestone just to the west of Ceres

Milestone just to the west of Ceres

Carpark for the Games
Looking through the trees to the car-park for the Highland Games.