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Milestones on the road from Dairsie to Forgan Roundabout

There are seven milestones on the Dairsie to Forgan stretch of the road between Pettycur on the Forth and Newport on the Tay.

These photographs were taken on Friday 6 April 2012 (Good Friday). It was a dull day, drizzling for most of the time.

Here is an account of the walk. (PDF file)

8 miles from Newport

Dairsie roundabout Leaving Dairsie
Going down out of Dairsie towards the roundabout, and looking through trees onto the road to Balmullo.

St Andrews 6 miles
The milestone just beyond the roundabout on the St Andrews road

Newport 8 miles The road towards Balmullo
First milestone on the road to Balmullo, St Michaels and Newport. Pettycur was the Fife end of an important Forth ferry crossing. New Inn was a coaching inn near Markinch, just south of where the roads to Newport and Perth divide. It declined in importance with the coming of the railways, and was demolished in the 1960s to make way for the A92, its name surviving in the New Inn Roundabout. (see Place-names of Fife volume 2)

Kirkcaldy Foundry 1824
Top of the ironwork, inscribed: "Alexr Russell Kirkcaldy Foundry 1824".

Looking back towards roundabout
Looking back from the milestone towards the roundabout.

Moonzie Burn
Just after the milestone the Moonzie Burn goes under the road on its way to join the Motray Water before Guardbridge.

Pittormie Castle Pittormie Castle
A little further on the road passes the end of the drive to Pittormie Castle, with gates, welcoming notice and surveillance camera. Further on again there is a view of the Castle itself. It is the headquarters of the absurdly exclusive Eden Club, founded in 1997.

7 miles from Newport

7 Miles from Newport 7 Miles from Newport 7 Miles from Newport

Looking back from the 7-mile stone Across the field from 7-mile stone
Looking back towards the Thai Teak shop and the turning to Logie, and across a field towards white blossom (cherry or blackthorn?).

Hayston Farm
On the way to Balmullo: Hayston Farm and the quarry.

6 miles from Newport

Approaching Balmullo
The milestone is just before the entrance to Balmullo.

the 6 mile stone the 6 mile stone the 6 mile stone

5 miles from Newport

Milestone with field behind
The milestone with fields behind it.

Gas pipeline marker
Looking back at a gas pipeline marker.

The 5 mile stone The 5 mile stone The 5 mile stone

Hawthorn in leaf Agricultural litter
Hawthorn just in leaf, and agricultural litter beside the 5 mile stone.

St Michaels

Motray Water Motray Water
The Motray Water goes under the road just before St Michaels.

The Coffin Road
Footpath to Leuchars: the Coffin Road

St Michaels crossroads
Proliferation of signs at the St Michaels crossroads.

Tayport turn-off Direction stone
Direction stone at the turn-off to Tayport (Ferryport on Craig).

4 miles from Newport

The Wormit turning
The four mile stone is just before the Wormit turn-off.

The 4 mile stone The 4 mile stone The 4 mile stone

The date in black
Unlike the other stones, this one has the date picked out in black.

The railway line
View of the railway line from the 4 mile stone.

3 miles from Newport

Pickletillum Inn
The 3 mile milestone is at Pickletillem (or Pickletillum), where the inn looks abandoned.

The 3 mile stone The 3 mile stone

The 3 mile stone The 3 mile stone

2 miles from Newport

Church on the hill
Church visible on the right between the three-mile and two-mile milestones.

The 2 mile stone The 2 mile stone The 2 mile stone 

Approaching the Forgan roundabout

The road ahead from the 2 mile stone Wind turbines
The road ahead from the 2-mile stone. Shortly afterwards, wind turbines are visible on the left.

signpost for Forgan roundabout Forgan bus-stop
The end of the walk at Forgan roundabout.