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Dunfermline to Hillend

The Gazetteer in The Milestones of Fife lists three milestones on the road from Dunfermline to Hillend. One is listed as missing, and the other two as 'not seen'. I wasn't hopeful of seeing any of the stones, but was interested in walking the route.

From Hospital Hill, where the bus dropped me, I walked out on the Aberdour Road (B916). It was a bright, sunny day at the beginning of May 2017. There was some warmth in the sun, but the wind was cold. An account of the walk can be seen here (PDF file).


The first milestone on this stretch of road (2 miles from Dunfermline) was beside Easter Pitcorthie Farm, which, along with its neighbour Wester Pitcorthie, was built over in the 1960s. In the Gazetteer in The Milestones of Fife the milestone is located at Brucefield and described as missing.

Pitcorthie Pitcorthie

Possible location of the milestone, opposite Tweeddale Drive.
Pitcorthie Pitcorthie



The second milestone (3 miles from Dunfermline) was just before Mid Duloch Farm. I found no trace of it. The farm is still there, with new houses and further building work all round it.

These pictures were taken on the road between the Masterton Road roundabout and Mid Duloch.

Masterton Road roundabout
At the Masterton Road Roundabout

Sandpiper Drive roundabout
Sandpiper Drive roundabout Sandpiper Drive roundabout
At the Sandpiper Drive/Lapwing Drive roundabout, a mysterious pond.

Around the second milestone Around the second milestone Around the second milestone
In the vicinity of the second milestone.

Around the second milestone
Looking back towards Dunfermline.

Around the second milestone
Beyond Mid Duloch, fly-tipping and the Amazon warehouse.

Fordell on Clockluine Road

The B916 crosses over the M90 and then briefly joins the B981 (the Great North Road from Queensferry to Kinross and Perth) before turning off past Clockluine Wood. The third milestone (4 miles from Dunfermline) is located opposite Fordell House on Clockluine Road by the OS 6 inch 1888-1913 map, and the Gazetteer says it is at Fordell. I failed to pinpoint the location.

Crossing the motorway Crossing the motorway
Crossing the motorway to join the old Great North Road. The new Forth Road Bridge can be seen in the haze.

Leaving the great North Road
Leaving the Great North Road.

On Clockluine Road On Clockluine Road On Clockluine Road On Clockluine Road
On Clockluine Road.

Coming up into Hillend, where I turned left towards Dalgety Bay Station.

May 2017
Revised August 2018