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Milestones between St Andrews and Lathones on the Largo Road

There are five milestones between St Andrews and Higham Toll, which is 5½ miles from St Andrews on the road to Largo (A915). The milestones give the distances to Colinsburgh and Largo Pier. At Higham Toll itself there are two way-markers. I later photographed the sixth milestone, which is a few hundred yards beyond Lathones.

Most of the photographs were taken on sunny, slightly hazy afternoon in June 2013; those of the fifth milestone and Lathones were taken two days later, some early on a grey morning others in the (still grey) evening.
Here is an account of the walk. (PDF file)

The one-mile milestone

Pillar box Green fields beyond Barnetts Garage
Two photographs taken on the way up Largo Road towards the first milestone.

First milestone First milestone First milestone
The first milestone is outside the Community Hospital, just beyond the roundabout at Morrisons.

Traffic at the roundabout
Traffic building up at the roundabout.

The second milestone

The second milestone The second milestone
The second milestone is just visible in the long grass.

The second milestone The second milestone The second milestone

The second milestone The second milestone
The milestone is just before the turning to Langraw farm.

The second milestone

The third milestone

The third milestone
The third milestone is hidden. I only detected it when I looked closely at the mound on the verge. Then I had to move aside some of the long grass. There is no cap.

The third milestone The third milestone The third milestone

The fourth milestone

Approaching the fourth milestone
The fourth milestone is just visible beside the warning sign for the dangerous bend.

The fourth milestone The fourth milestone The fourth milestone The fourth milestone
The fourth milestone has the wrong cap. It should be 4 miles to St Andrews and 8 to Largo Pier.

Beyond the fourth milestone approaching the dangerous bend Johnny Paul's Corner
I don't know who named the corner beside the stonemason's yard Johnny Paul's Corner, nor what lies behind the name.

Beyond the fourth milestone, the road ahead Modern signage broken
Modern signs (one of them in need of repair) on the road beyond Johnny Paul's Corner.

The fifth milestone

Pink campions Flat road ahead
The road was flat and fairly straight after Johnny Paul's Corner. I stopped to photograph the pink campions which were out on the verges all along the way.

On my sunny Friday afternoon walk I missed the fifth milestone at Brewstermills, so I went back on Sunday morning, when it was grey and misty.

The fifth milestone The fifth milestone The fifth milestone The fifth milestone

The fifth milestone
Misty view from the fifth milestone towards Drumcarrow Craig. Cameron Reservoir is behind the row of trees in the middle distance.

Higham Toll

Approaching Higham Toll Higham Toll
Higham Toll is a staggered crossroads with the road to Pitscottie off to the west and Crail road to the east. According to PNF it is the highest point in Cameron parish.

Western way marker at Higham Toll Western way marker at Higham Toll Western way marker at Higham Toll
The way marker at the junction with the Pitscottie road

Eastern way marker at Higham Toll Eastern way marker at Higham Toll Eastern way marker at Higham Toll
Way marker at the junction with the Crail road. I need to go back to find out what the it says on the bottom line.

Looking south from Higham Toll Looking north back towards Higham Toll Wind turbine and power lines east of Higham Toll
Modern signage, and a view of the wind turbine.

Lathones and the sixth milestone

Half a mile beyond Higham Toll is Lathones. The Milestones of Fife says there is a milestone there, but it is not marked on the OS map. This is where the cap on the fourth milestone ought to be (6 miles from St Andrews and 6 from Largo Pier). I went on to Lathones after taking pictures at Brewstermills but although I walked some way beyond Lathones I didn't find anything. I went away assuming that the map was right, but when I got home and consulted the book again, I saw that the grid reference was further from Lathones than I had thought. Anna drove me out again in the evening and this time we found the milestone.

Water Avens Letterbox at Lathones Letterbox at Lathones
In the morning I made do with pictures of water avens beside the ditch and the letter box opposite the pub. Although it says the next collection is on Saturday, this picture was taken on Sunday morning.

The sixth milestone The sixth milestone Lookers-on at the sixth milestone
The milestone is almost hidden by long grass and flowers.

The sixth milestone The sixth milestone The sixth milestone
The pictures of the sixth milestone, beyond Lathones, were taken on a dull, grey evening.