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Kingsmuir Crossroads to Crail

I walked from Kingsmuir Crossroads to Crail on the B940. This is the road from Cupar, through Peat Inn, which crosses the St Andrews to Anstruther Road at Kingsmuir. It was a damp Sunday afternoon in October.

An account of the walk is given here. (PDF file)

Unfortunately, I carelessly left my camera in the car, so there are no photographs, but here is a brief description of the four milestones along the road.

Redwells Woodland

This stone has cursive lettering and gives the following distances: Crail. 4 on the west-facing side; on the east-facing side : Pt Inn. 7 / Ceres. 10¾ / Cupar. 13½. There is a 4 on the top of the cap, continuing the series that started on the road from Radernie to Kingsmuir that I walked in June 2013. Though described in the Gazetteer as in 'vg' condition, it is now beginning to show signs of wear.

Note the dots after each of the place-names, a feature which is present in the other stones in the sequence which have cursive lettering, but which I failed to notice when walking the road from Radernie to Kingsmuir.

Troy Woods

This milestone again has cursive lettering, and is numbered 3 on top. The distances given were consistent with the previous stone: Crail 3; Pt Inn 8; Ceres 11¾; Cupar 14½. There is a benchmark cut in the stone. Though slightly yellowed, this stone is in better condition than the previous one, and stands high on the verge. Again the stone has dots after the place-names.


The third milestone gives the following distances: 2 miles from Crail, 9 from Peat Inn, 12¾ from Ceres and 15½ from Cupar. The stone is slightly chipped and yellowing, so might no longer merit the vg condition noted in the Gazetteer. It was more overgrown with grass and weeds than the previous two stones, but still perfectly visible.


The fourth milestone is not marked on the map, and is listed in the Gazetteer as missing, thought to have been hit by a bomb. It has since been re-instated.

The cap is in block letters, and has a B on top. The distances given are: Peat Inn 10 miles, Ceres 13¾, Cupar 15½, and Crail 1 mile.

All these are consistent with the previous stones in the sequence, except the 15½ to Cupar. The Gazetteer agrees that this is the distance that would have been given on the missing stone, but I can't see how it can be right.

Shortly after Ribbonfield the road joins the coast road into Crail. At the junction there is a way-marker which I photographed when I walked from Kingsbarns to Anstruther in August 2013.