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Largoward, Peat Inn, Pitscottie, Cupar

These pictures were taken on a windy, sunny day towards the end of October 2015.

An account of the walk can be seen here. (PDF file)


approaching Largoward
Approaching Largoward on the road (A915) from Higham Toll and St Andrews

Largoward village hall Junction with B941
Largoward Village Hall at one end of the village and at the other end the approach to the junction with the B941 (Kilconquhar to Peat Inn) road

The first milestone is south of the crossroads (left, towards Kilconquhar). The Gazetteer says the cap is missing, but it has since been re-instated, and as usual in such cases the lettering is block capitals rather than cursive.

Milestone at Largoward Milestone at Largoward
Milestone at Largoward Milestone at Largoward
The distance to St Andrews (8¼ miles) must be the distance if you go straight on and through Peat Inn, turning off at Crossgates, rather than if you turn right at the crossroads and go back through Lathones and Higham.

Milestone at Largoward
Looking south along the Kilconquhar road

Staghead Inn at Largoward
Looking north towards the staggered crossroads, with the road to Peat Inn going up behind the Staghead Inn

The cross-roads at Largoward
Meeting the St Andrews Road with a typical jumble of signage

South Bowhill

Recent drainage work Recent drainage work
Recent drainage work on the road above Largoward

Approaching the South Bowhill milestone South Bowhill milestone

South Bowhill milestone South Bowhill milestone
South Bowhill milestone South Bowhill milestone
The milestone at South Bowhill Farm

Peat Inn

New Gilston turn-off
The junction with the road to New Gilston

Approaching Peat Inn The Peat Inn
Approaching Peat Inn, and deliveries to The Peat Inn

At Peat Inn the road merges with the B940 (Crail to Cupar road). The milestone is opposite the inn, close to the junction.

Milestone at Peat Inn Milestone at Peat Inn
Milestone at Peat Inn Milestone at Peat Inn Milestone at Peat Inn

Two missing milestones

The next two milestones are missing. The Gazetteer says the first was at Bankhead, and the second Broomfield. I saw Bankhead and could see roughly where the stone must have been, but I couldn't find anywhere called Broomfield, either on the map or on the ground.

According to the Gazetteer the first missing stone gave the distance to Newport (13½ miles) instead of St Andrews, the road to St Andrews having turned off at Crossgates, outside Peat Inn. It also gave the distance from Peat Inn (1 mile) rather than Colinsburgh.

Gas pipe-line West Mains
On the way to Bankhead: a gas pipe-line marker and a view north to West Mains

Drain at Bankhead Verge and ditch
It's possible that the Bankhead milestone was lost during drainage works and the construction of the ditch.

Percy Baldinnie and Over Baldinnie Post-box at Baldinnie
Signs and VR post box at Baldinnie. The Place-Names of Fife doesn't offer an explanation of Percy Baldinnie, so perhaps Percy is a personal name, but if so who was he, and when did he live?

Turning to Ceres
The second missing milestone was probably a little beyond the junction with the road to Ceres. According to the Gazetteer it gave the distance to Osnaburgh (4⅜ miles) instead of Ceres.


The farm sign disagrees with the spelling Kinninmonth which is given on the map and in The Place-Names of Fife.

Kinninmonth milestone Kinninmonth milestone Kinninmonth milestone
The Kinninmonth milestone is almost completely hidden by grass and weeds.

Kinninmonth milestone Kinninmonth milestone

Kinninmonth milestone Kinninmonth milestone


Crossroads at Pitscottie Crossroads at Pitscottie
The road crosses the B939 (St Andrews to Craigrothie) at Pitscottie.

The milestone is at Easter Pitscottie.
Milestone at Pitscottie Milestone at Pitscottie Milestone at Pitscottie
Milestone at Pitscottie Milestone at Pitscottie
Having passed the turning to Osnaburgh we now have the distance to Newburgh (through Cupar). In the other direction we have the distance to St Andrews along the B939.

View back from the milestone at Pitscottie View ahead from the milestone at Pitscottie
Views back (south) and ahead (north) from the milestone at Pitscottie


Dura House
The gateway and lodge at Dura House

The milestone is beside Cairngreen Wood, beyond Dura Mains.
Cairngreen milestone Cairngreen milestone
Cairngreen milestone Cairngreen milestone Cairngreen milestone

Hopetoun monument
View of Cupar and the Hopetoun Monument beyond

Tarvit Home Farm, one mile from Cupar

Turning to Kemback
Turning to Kemback


Approaching Tarvit Home Farm Flower
Flower on the road down to Tarvit Home Farm. I hadn't been able to photograph the flowers earlier on because the wind was too strong.

Milestone at Tarvit Home Farm Milestone at Tarvit Home Farm Milestone at  Tarvit Home Farm
Milestone at Tarvit Home Farm Milestone at Tarvit Home Farm

Coming into Cupar

Entrance to Cupar Railway Dog notice