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Milestones in Newport-on-Tay

There are two milestones on the road between Forgan Roundabout and the old Ferry Terminal in Newport. I photographed them on 1 May 2017, a dull, grey day. An account of my visit is given here (PDF file).

Now I have photographed these two stones I have covered the whole route between Newport and New Inn. See earlier walks: Dairsie to Cupar (part of the St Andrews to Cupar walk), Dairsie to Forgan and New Inn Roundabout to Cupar.

The Newport-New Inn-Forth ferry route, sometimes called the Great Road (not to be confused with the great North Road from the Forth to Perth), has the earliest of the Fife milestones. They are not properly speaking stones, but cast iron plates fixed to a rubble plinth or built into a wall. Apart from the stone in the centre of Cupar the entire sequence north of New Inn is still in place, all dated 1824, and all giving Pettycur as the destination on the Forth. South of New Inn there is just one stone remaining, at Dysart Muir, which is dated 1844 and gives Burntisland as the destination.

See The Milestones of Fife page 11.

The top of School Brae

From Forgan Roundabout the road down into Newport is the old A92, the Cupar Road. It goes past the primary school and crosses the line of the old railway (now a nature trail).

Forgan Roundabout Forgan RoundaboutForgan Roundabout
Looking back towards the Forgan roundabout from the road going down to Newport.

On the way into Newport  On the way into Newport  On the way into Newport
On the way down into Newport.

Newport Primary School  Newport Primary School  Newport Primary School  Newport Primary School 
Newport Primary School.

One mile from Newport 
The one mile milestone near the top of the hill down into Newport.
One mile from Newport  One mile from Newport  One mile from Newport 

Looking back from the one mile milestone
Looking back from beside the one mile milestone
Clumps of trees
A field just beyond the milestone

View across the Tay
A view across the Tay with the Road Bridge on the right.

Newport zero miles

Going down into Newport  Going down into Newport Going down into Newport
Going down Cupar Road into Newport. Having turned a corner the road now faces towards the Rail Bridge, which looks surprisingly close.

High Street and Tay Street
The junction at the foot of the hill -- High Street towards Wormit on the left and Tay Street towards the Road Bridge and Tayport on the right.

Going East along Tay Street Going East along Tay Street Going East along Tay Street Going East along Tay Street
I took the wrong direction, along Tay Street, and saw the war memorial, a Victorian letter-box, the gazebo and a bird in a horse chestnut tree on the steep bank down to the shore.

Going East along Tay Street
Looking back I saw the old jetty, and realised that that was where the milestone would be.

Milestone at the old Ferry  Milestone at the old Ferry
Approaching the milestone outside the old Ferry Terminal Building, with the derelict row of shops in the background.

Milestone at the old Ferry  Milestone at the old Ferry  Milestone at the old Ferry Milestone at the old Ferry

May 2017