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Milestones on the short walk from St Michaels to Guardbridge

There are just two milestones (plus a third that is missing) on the A919 between St Michaels and Guardbridge. I photographed them on a wet September morning (20 September 2012) on my way back from Dundee, getting off the bus in St Michaels and walking to the bus stop in Guardbridge beside the roundabout and the Cupar Road.
Here is an account of the walk. (PDF file)

Leuchars Castle Farm

Leuchars Castle Farm Leuchars Castle Farm

Bridge over the railway Bridge over the railway

The first milestone is just after the track to Leuchars Castle Farm, and opposite the bridge that crosses the railway and leads to St Michaels golf course.

Five miles from Newport Five miles from Newport

Five miles from Newport Five miles from Newport

The cap is badly rusted and the grass and weeds are high, so it was hard to see the milestone. We had frequently passed it in the car without noticing it, and until Anna spotted it a few days before my walk I wondered whether it was there at all.

The cursive lettering is the same as that used on the road out of St Andrews to Ceres, and for most of the stones on the road from St Andrews to Dairsie.

Leuchars Air Base

Both the roads from Leuchars village to Guardbridge are called A919. The milestone is on the branch that passes the entrance to the air base, not the one that goes past the railway station.

Second roundabout in Leuchars village Second roundabout in Leuchars village

The roundabout beside the church, with the turning that goes on past the air base.

Milestone outside the air base Milestone outside the air base

The Milestones of Fife lists this stone as having its cap missing. The cement holding the current cap in place looks recent. The lettering is different from the previous stone, but similar to two of those on the St Andrews to Dairsie road, including the spurious one five miles out of St Andrews.


The next milestone, which should be somewhere on the road through Guardbridge, is listed in The Milestones of Fife as missing. I didn't find it, but took photographs of the old paper mill buildings instead, including the modestly fancy brickwork, and the keep out notices.

The old paper mill The old paper mill

The old paper mill The old paper mill