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Upper Largo to Pittenweem via Colinsburgh

The route follows the A917 and the B942. The A917 is the coast road from Largo to St Andrews. At Balchrystie the B942 branches off, goes through Colinsburgh and rejoins the A917 just before Pittenweem. There are eight milestones, with another missing at Balchrystie; there are way-markers at Upper Largo and Balchrystie.

The photographs were taken on a sparkling day in November 2013. The low sun made photography difficult all day, and induced odd optical effects when it was shining through hedgerows as I walked, but these drawbacks were trivial compared with the beauty of the scene. An account of the walk is given here. (PDF file)

Upper Largo

Way-marker at Upper Largo Way-marker at Upper Largo Way-marker at Upper Largo
Way-marker at Upper Largo showing 10½ miles over the hill to St Andrews, and 13 miles along the coast to Crail.

Wood's Hospital in Upper Largo
Wood's Hospital: The nineteenth century building replaced the earlier one built around 1660 under the will of John Wood.

Community notice-board in Upper Largo
Modern road-signs in Upper Largo  First milestone, just outside Upper Largo

The first milestone (1¼ miles from Largo Pier) is just past the end of the 30mph limit on the road going East out of Upper Largo.

First milestone, just outside Upper Largo First milestone, just outside Upper Largo First milestone, just outside Upper Largo

View across the Forth
View across the Firth of Forth.

Largo Law
Largo Law with metal detectorists.


Going into Drumeldrie
Damaged sign at entrance to Drumeldrie

View across Largo Bay to Leven
View across Largo Bay to Leven and Methil.

Drumeldrie letter box
Edward VII letter box in Drumeldrie.

Drumeldrie milestone Drumeldrie milestone
Drumeldrie milestone Drumeldrie milestone
Drumeldrie milestone
The second milestone is just to the east of Drumeldrie.

Newburn Parish Church
Newburn Parish Church from just beyond the milestone.


There should be a milestone at Balchrystie, but The Milestones of Fife lists it as missing. There is a way-marker at the junction of the A917 and B942.

No digging sign View between Drumeldrie and Balchristie
Between Drumeldrie and Balchrystie -- a "No Digging" sign on a gas pipeline marker, and a hillside showing either interesting geological or pre-historic features, or else a golf-course.

The A917/B942 fork at Balchrystie The A917/B942 fork at Balchrystie
The fork in the road at Balchrystie, showing modern signage and the way-marker.

Way-marker at Balchrystie Way-marker at Balchrystie Way-marker at Balchrystie
The next name on the left after Balmakin is Belliston; after Elie on the right is Ardross. To see more one would have to dig away the bank.


Kilconquhar Church and Bass Rock
Kilconquhar Church
Views of Kilconqhuar Church from the road as it approaches Colinsburgh. The Bass Rock is just visible on the right of the top picture.

Entering Colinsburgh Entering Colinsburgh
Entering Colinsburgh: views of the modern signage, and of some of the characteristic Colinsburgh houses.

Colinsburgh milestone Colinsburgh milestone
Colinsburgh milestone Colinsburgh milestone
The Colinsburgh milestone is set into the wall of a house -- easy to miss.

Colinsburgh Town Hall

The fifth mile

The milestone is outside a house called Red Byres opposite Pitcorthie, just beyond the turning to Kilconquhar. It is 5¼ miles from Largo Pier, 1 mile from Colinsburgh and 23 from Burntisland; 4 miles from Pittenweem, 5 from Anstruter and 6¼ from Kilrenny.

Staggered cross-roads, Largoward and Kilconquhar
Approaching the staggered cross-roads to Largoward (for Cupar) and Kilconquhar (for Elie).

Milestone at Pitcorthie Milestone at Pitcorthie Milestone at Pitcorthie
Milestone at Pitcorthie
The roadside and the wall of Redbyres, and the milestone itself were all coated with mud.

Easter Pitcorthie

Milestone beyond Easter Pitcorthie
The milestone is just before the sharp right turn towards Abercrombie and Pittenweem that comes at the end of the long straight stretch from Colinsburgh.

Milestone beyond Easter Pitcorthie Milestone beyond Easter Pitcorthie
Milestone beyond Easter Pitcorthie Milestone beyond Easter Pitcorthie

Sharp bend towards Pittenweem


Approaching the turn off to Abercrombie and St Monans Approaching the turn off to Abercrombie and St Monans
Approaching the Abercrombie turning, notice the obliterated junction sign and the heavy traffic caused by the diversion from the coast road at St Monans. The milestone is beyond the brow of the hill.

Abercrombie milestone Abercrombie milestone
Abercrombie milestone Abercrombie milestone

Looking back from the Abercrombie milestone
Looking back from the milestone.

Last milestone before Pittenweem

The milestone is just after the old railway bridge, known as Waterless Bridge, and just before the road rejoins the coast road.

One mile from Pittenweem
One mile from Pittenweem One mile from Pittenweem One mile from Pittenweem

Looking south to St Monans
Looking south or south-west towards St Monans and the Forth.

The Isle of May
The Isle of May from beside the milestone.


Pittenweem milestone
Pittenweem milestone Pittenweem milestone Pittenweem milestone
The milestone is set against the wall of a house on the main road through the village.

Evening in Pittenweem
Evening in Pittenweem
Evening in Pittenweem.