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Milestones on the road from St Andrews to Guardbridge, Dairsie and Cupar

There are eight milestones on the road from St Andrews to Cupar. I thought there was a ninth in Cupar beside the war memorial, but I didn't find it and it isn't on the map.

These photographs were taken on Thursday 20 October 2011. It was sunny when I left St Andrews, but grew cloudier as time went on, and when I reached Cupar it was drizzling.

Here is an account of the walk. (PDF file)

The first mile

Rosyth ferry signpost
The sign indicates that a passenger ferry operates from Rosyth, but the service was withdrawn at the end of 2010. The service might be revived, so the sign might become true again in time.

First milestone First milestone
The first milestone.

The second mile

Golf in progress
The cycle track goes along beside the golf course as we approach the second mile.

Wooden mile post Wooden mile post Wooden mile post
The second milestone proved elusive, but the cycle track has its own wooden mile post.

the second milestone seen from behind
After some searching I eventually spied the second milestone through the hedge between the cycle track and the roadside verge. It is almost opposite the turning to Easter Kincaple.

Second milestone seen from the verge Second milestone hidden by grass and nettles
Even from the verge it was barely visible, almost completely hidden by grass, weeds and nettles.

Second milestone with some of the weeds cleared away Second milestone with some of the weeds cleared away
I cleared away enough of the weeds to get some pictures.

The third mile

Pedestrians and cyclists
The cycle track comes to an end shortly before the third milestone. From now on there is just a footpath beside the road.

Angling Club notice Eden nature reserve
Some other signs along the way to the third milestone.

Approach to the third milestone The three-mile milestone

The three-mile milestone The three-mile milestone
The three-mile milestone.

View from the three-mile milestone
A view across the field to the Eden estuary from the third milestone.

The fourth mile

From the bridge at Guardbridge
A view from the bridge at Guardbridge.

An Egret seen from the bridge An Egret seen from the bridge
Someone kindly pointed out an egret on the river bank.

A road-planing machine The catapillar tracks of the road planer The marks left by road-planing
On the way up out of Guardbridge there are road-works with a massive road-planing machine. It was at rest as I passed it.

The four-mile milestone The four-mile milestone The four-mile milestone
The fourth milestone.

The fifth mile

The incorrect fifth milestone The incorrect fifth milestone
The fifth milestone has the wrong plate; it gives the same distances as the 2-mile milestone.

View from the fifth milestone View from the fifth milestone
Views across the harvested potato field beside the fifth milestone.

View back from the fifth milestone
Looking back towards the brighter weather beside the sea.

The sixth mile

The railway goes under the road
Shortly before the sixth milestone the railway goes under the road.

Path going down to the railway
The path leads down to the field beside the railway.

Approach to the sixth milestone The verge before the sixth milestone
The approach to the sixth milestone, which is just before the Dairsie roundabout.

The sixth milestone The sixth milestone The sixth milestone
The sixth milestone.

View from beside the sixth milestone The Dairsie roundabout
Views from beside the sixth milestone.

The seventh milestone

The seventh milestone The seventh milestone
The seventh milestone is a different style. It and the next stone are on the other side of the road from the earlier ones, and they don't give the distance to St Andrews.

The seventh milestone The seventh milestone, showing the top of the plate
The top of the plate shows the number 1824, possibly the date.

The seventh milestone The seventh milestone
Side views of the seventh milestone.

View from the seventh milestone Bird beside the seventh milestone
Views from the footpath opposite the seventh milestone.

The eighth milestone

The eighth milestone The eighth milestone
This is the same style as the seventh stone, and like the seventh is on the opposite side of the road from the earlier ones. There was very little verge on that side, and the traffic was heavy, so it wasn't easy to take pictures of it.

Approaching Cupar
The way into Cupar.